Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

01.02.2014 - The Gathering

Long time no see,… I'll try to blog more frequently from now on and write about photography and my personal work.

Today I would like to talk about "The Gathering" I had yesterday in my beautiful hometown Vienna.

After moving to Hamburg last October I wasn't able to shoot with my crew every week so I really have to say, it became even more special to me to have such awesome friends who are taking this journey with me. Not "only" someone who does some assisting from time to time or "someone" who does Make-up. Most of those guys & girls became really close friends and I'm humble to have them around on such amazing days.

So, we actually had a big shooting day going on.

First my buddy Raphael, aka Farbenfroh, shot some pieces of Sandersens new clothing line.
After that I did a test with a girl I recently found and thought she'd do amazing in front of my camera, and hell she did.
The second one was one of the ideas we talked about since we last met in Dec., inspired by native americans.
We'll see how the editing goes :)

Here I'd like to share some of the impressions I captured behind the scenes:

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