Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Shooting Film

These days I decided I'd like to shoot some film, but film only.

Haven't done that without shooting digital as well, to be safe if something fails.
But recently I became more confident in what I'm doing with my film cameras and metering with a light meter.

What's awesome about shooting film is, I just shot two rolls of film, Ilford HP5 Plus, switching back and forth between the formats I did choose before the shoot.
Shot with my Mamiya RZ67, which gave me 10 shots on a 120-roll, and 35mm on my Canon AE-1 for a little more frames.

Thanks to my awesome team, Jules for styling & Kaarina for doing a great job with Make-up.
And of course our model Kathi.

Here are some impressions of the shoot.